The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers… 2

by Benjamin Langley on September 12, 2008 · 2 comments

In my first post in this series, The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers… 40, I discussed useful applications of the number 40 that grew from its spiritual meaning.

In this post, we’ll discuss the number 2.

As with many numbers, the number 2 has been given a wide variety of spiritual interpretations… balance, truth, duality, etc.

We can, however, adopt a powerful way of perceiving the concept of two that can incorporate all 3 of these meanings.

Let’s begin with Duality.

Duality seems to exist at virtually all levels of life.  We like to split things in two simple categories…

  • conservative vs. liberal,
  • republican vs. democrat,
  • good vs. evil,
  • winner vs. loser,
  • mind vs. body…

some of these dualities are not really just 2 things, but a range of possibilities existing between two extremes (conservative vs. liberal)… others are actually one thing that we have separated into two for ease of description (mind vs. body… more accurately described as mind-body).

In Christianity, the classic dualism is the separation of God and man… which was caused by the original sin in the Garden of Eden (perfection/pure unity is destroyed, and now there is duality)… people could bridge this gap in the Old Testament with a variety of sacrifices (animals, crops, foreskins, etc.).  In the New Testament, people can now bridge this gap through Christ.

Taoism also has an explanation of duality.  The Tao, or the Way (best/simplest translation I’ve seen) gave birth to yin and yang (and yin and yang gave birth to the 10,000 things… all the concepts and creations we see around us).  Yin represents darkness, receiving, & softness.  Yang represents light, giving, & forcefulness.  What the two actually embody, is the concept of duality.  It can be useful for creating new things, but it is also useful to understand the core nature, so we can get back in touch with the Way… before duality, we had oneness, and we can experience it again

yin/yang, spiritual meaning of numbers

Now let’s examine the concept of Balance

There are many programs of self-development that encourage you to seek balance in your life (time for work and family, being serious and having fun, learn to focus while relaxing, etc.).  This is an excellent start, but I encourage you to take it a step further.

Balance isn’t necessarily about giving both sides equal play (although this is a good exercise for beginning to understand)… it is about understanding the nature of the duality, and/or recognizing where the ‘other side’ is coming from.  If you decide in your meditation or prayer to deeply experience/merge with the viewpoint of the ‘other side’ (particularly if you perceive them as ‘bad guys’ or ‘evil’), you have taken a powerful step on the road to transcending duality (which is to re-attain unity).

Looking at and beyond duality in prayer or meditation will eventually lead to an ever-deepening understanding of both duality and balance…
A deep understanding of balance and duality, leads us back to the ultimate Truth

All is one!

This is an amazing experience… the word ‘bliss’ doesn’t even begin to describe it (but it is probably the best word I’ve found).

Meditation, prayer, self-hypnosis, mysticism, and choosing to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” are all powerful methods of getting past the illusory division of life.  The more you study, the more wisdom you will gain… but here is a bit of what I’ve learned:

Differences can be useful, but they are only ‘true’ at a certain level of reality!

Which brings us back to one of my favorite axioms:  Use what is useful when and where it is useful!

The most commonly experienced duality, is the illusion of ‘I’.  Not the all inclusive ‘I am’ (or ‘I am that I am’)… but the divisive ‘I’ vs ‘them’.

Self vs other.  Me against the world (or universe).  This is our visceral day-to-day experience of duality.  Sometimes we even try to balance it… “I’ll make some time for myself, and some time for work, friends, family (other/the world), etc.”  It is one of the necessary divisions that allows us to make sense and function in day-to-day life… but it is also a tremendous source of loneliness and despair in many who haven’t learned to see past it.

How do we get to the Truth of self?

Seeing past this division is the definition of ‘spiritual’ for many people… If you are interested in the fastest way (that I’ve found) to experience the disappearance of duality… and learning to experience more meaning in every moment of life… go to The Unexplainable Store and pick up one of their delta brainwave entrainment tracks (one is listed under ‘Health’).  Delta is the brainwave frequency associated with the disappearance of a ‘separate self’ (and deep physical healing as well)… in most people, it is only experienced unconsciously in the deepest sleep… but long-term meditators are sometimes able to go into a Delta state while wide awake… people who use delta brainwave entrainment consistently for a few weeks can also consciously experience powerful healing, and the deepest connection with all that is!

Understanding the spiritual meaning of the number 2 gives us a chance to experience existence beyond/before duality… years of meditation is one way of getting there… a few weeks of brainwave entrainment is another… I encourage students to use both (this is a post about transcending duality…;^)

keep smiling,


P.S.  The Unexplainable Store has low priced, high quality, brainwave tracks that are available for instant download (with some nice bonuses as well)… you can burn them to a CD or listen to them on your MP3 player.  Don’t miss out on the fastest way to achieve deep meditative states… Click Here!

P.P.S.  Another way to begin to see past duality is to return to the yin/yang symbol, and notice that both halves/sides, contain a small piece of the other one… and they move around in a continuous circle…

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tsepo pitso August 30, 2010 at 3:58 AM

This article has blown me to stratosphere.


Benjamin August 30, 2010 at 3:58 PM

Hopefully in a positive way.

I wrote this one a while back (almost 2 years ago).

It is amazing to me how a simple understanding can continue to deepen over the years. :-)

keep smiling,



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