You might have noticed I just added a page on articles.

I hope you will enjoy this page… as I continue to develop the content there, it will serve as a step by step walk-through of all the important past posts on Peaceful Prosperity… along with some of my ongoing thoughts on their usefulness, and any updates I might have thrown in.

What’s the point of all this?

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“Repetition is the Mother of Skill!”


I’m not certain where this quote originates, but my own life has certainly proved it to be true.

The more times you come back… the more times you play with the skill… the more times you investigate it a little bit deeper… the better you get!  You might even find yourself shocked at just how quickly your skill can grow.

There are tons of ways to keep reminding yourself to come back to your practice.

One method I have been using quite a bit in the last couple of years is RSS.

Now some will know all about RSS.

Some have probably at least heard of it.

And some probably don’t have a clue what RSS is.

So just what is RSS, and what does it have to do with mysticism, meditation, and

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Peaceful Prosperity Sitemap

July 29, 2009

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