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[dropcap]”W[/dropcap]hat all men are really after is some form, or perhaps only some formula, of peace.” -Joseph Conrad (Author of Heart of Darkness)

Much of drug experience is a search for more meaning or more peace.  This falls into something much larger though… the magic bullet solution.

People tend to want their lives fixed by magic. Some sort of instant fix, whether it involves a pill, a procedure, or whatever else it might be.

Unfortunately, hoping that you can just make some simple change to external circumstances and that will somehow profoundly change your inner experience is largely a dead end.

In searching the external world for satisfaction, many addictions arise.

Brainwave Entrainment… and more specifically, Binaural Beats… is one of the latest ‘magic bullets’ to hit the market… promising more rapid personal development, easier and deeper meditation (sometimes claiming to allow to meditate deeper than a Zen Monk), and profound experiences at the touch of a button.

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“The task of the real intellectual consists of analyzing illusions in order to discover their causes.”

-Arthur Miller

If you look at the illusion… accept it and don’t attempt to make it something else (another illusion)… then it begins to change… it starts to disappear on its own.

If you haven’t taken the time to play the games we’ve covered so far… you can start at A Course in Miracles:  Day 1

Today we begin to peel back another layer of illusion…

Our thinking tends to be locked in certain ways… and this tends to lock our perceived world into patterns…

We may describe these thinking patterns as:

  • Sentimental
  • Nastalgic
  • or simply “The Past”

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Are You Ready to Release the Patterns of the Past?

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A Course in Miracles… Day 7

October 24, 2009

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September 23, 2008
binaural beats downloads

I’ve mentioned the power of brainwave entrainment in the past… but until now, I have not done a review of a specific vendor or their product. I spoke about the Binaural Beats method in Fast Meditation Results – Brainwave Entrainment… where different frequencies are played in each ear and the brain creates the ‘ghost frequency’… […]

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