Secrets of Pure Clarity

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by Benjamin Langley on November 14, 2012 · 0 comments

“It is because a mirror has no commitment to any image that it can clearly and accurately reflect any image before it. The mind of a warrior is like a mirror in that it has no commitment to any outcome and is free to let form and purpose result on the spot, according to the situation.”  -Yagyu Munenori

What is Pure Clarity?

Having a mind like a mirror.

When you let go of the subtle pleasure in negative emotions… when you let go of attachment to outcome… when you let go of your fixed notions of self and the ‘external’ world…  you let go of all that obscures or distorts your True Vision.  Pure Clarity shines forth naturally after all that stands in the way has been removed.

What is a Warrior?

Many warriors come from martial traditions… but great skill at combat does not make one a warrior.  Or as Yoda would say:  “Wars not make one great.”

All people, whether they will admit it or not… experience fear.

A warrior experiences fear and faces it.

Facing fear without denial.

Facing fear without running away.

Before you can decide to face your fear, you have to accept your fear.  You have to be willing to admit it exists.  Our society rarely encourages honesty about fear.

Without honesty, courage isn’t possible!

And though we frequently misunderstand courage… warriors exist because of it.  Courage isn’t the absence of fear… but the willingness to face fear.

I don’t always act as a warrior… but I always strive to.

To face your own fears… to admit and release your own attachment to outcome… to be %100 sincere with yourself… is no light undertaking.

This path will challenge you.

It will be a warrior’s journey.

Are you a Warrior?

Do you strive to be one?

keep smiling,

Benjamin Langley


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