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Who else wants to learn the Real Secrets of Meditation?


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you want to get better fast… you have to be able to look beyond technique.  Techniques are useful, but learning to live the Principles behind the techniques is where you will find the truly transformational power of meditation.

There are a variety of meditations you can play with, and just a little practice can go a long way… but always keep in mind the principle you are developing.

The Powerful Principles Behind Meditation Techniques

…So you can learn how to meditate… quickly and easily 😉

There are many principles, but the 3 most important are:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Focus
  3. Acceptance
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Transformational Meditation Techniques always flow out of Powerful Principles!

All 3 of these principles can be meditations of their own… and increasing any one of the three can be the goal of many years of meditation (and when the practitioner looks back after those many years of devotion, the realization arises that the investment has been more than worth it…)

Meditation Techniques for Beginners…

All of these principles can be developed in virtually any meditation, if you know how… but here is a powerful and enjoyable meditation that will help you improve all 3 core principles… this one is great for students at any level.

Meditation Techniques:  The Secret Smile

(watch this taoist meditation techniques video on youtube)

The Secret Smile is a very enjoyable technique for developing the 3 principles!

The other method I frequently recommend for beginners is…

Vipassana Meditation Techniques

Vipassana is another simple meditation method for beginners.

The backdrop of Vipassana (and in my opinion, all meditation) is awareness.

“Awareness is the first principle.” -Dr John La Tourrette

In this style of meditation, you are typically holding one or more forms of sensory input in your awareness… doing your best to avoid adding anything, taking away anything, or resisting anything.

4 Ways of Focus for Instant Vipassana Insights…

  1. Sensory Modality:  These are the classic 5 sensory modalities… Sight, Sound, Touch, Scent, & Taste (they all have an internal and external component as well).  Particularly for beginners, one of the challenges is having a sea of information arising in all of these at once… so the solution is to start by focusing on only one… preferably sight sound or touch… and touch (all the physical sensations arising in the body) tends to be the easiest.
  2. Quality:  The quality of the sensory input describes the more specific characteristics of it (described as sub-modalities in Neuro Linguistic Programming).  For sight, it might be an image or a movie… or it might be an isolated picture or a panoramic view.  For sound, it might be raw sounds vs and actual voice.  For touch it might a warm sensation vs a cold sensation… or a sensation of tension vs a sense of relaxation (keep in mind that none of these lists of examples are exhaustive… they are just a few instances to give you the general idea).
  3. Location:  This is where (in or around the body… or occasionally from everywhere or nowhere) the sensory input seems to arise.  Do they arise in just one place, several places, or everywhere at once?
  4. Intensity:  How intense is it?  How bright/dim are the images… or how small/large are they?  How loud/quiet are the sounds… how clear/distorted are they?  How strong/soft are the physical sensations?

Just going through the above list will begin to change to way you look at experience…. because in some way all of those things are happening already… you just have to direct more of your awareness to it to achieve the deeper insights…

(my understanding of Vipassana is strongly influenced by Shinzen Young)

Zen Meditation Techniques

There are three critical principles of Zen…

  • Practice:  This is pretty obvious, I suppose… but there has to be some form of consistent practice.  Find a way to do something every day if you are serious about learning.
  • Technique:  There are a variety of techniques… and it is very difficult to get better if you aren’t using at least one.  Keep your technique as simple as possible, and you will transform your understanding much more quickly.  Zazen, Koans, asking “Who/What am I?”… are all useful techniques if kept simple and practiced consistently.
  • Essence:  The technique is what you might look at as the moving part or process.  Essence is the background within which it operates.  Zen can be described as the recognition of the basic nature of all that is… knowing that this is already there and all you need to do is remove what stands in the way of your clear vision of this… will vastly quicken your progress in Zen.  The technique is useful… but ultimately it is only cloth you use to clean the lens of consciousness.


Chakra Meditation Techniques

<coming soon>


keep smiling,

Benjamin Langley

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Liana July 27, 2010 at 6:08 AM

I am very relaxed now…great to do this excersises!

Thank you very much for sharing.You are very good Ben…

Much Love & Light,


Benjamin July 28, 2010 at 6:11 PM

Nice, Liana!

If you keep up this pace of implementation, you are going to see more and more incredible results in your life!

keep smiling,



Daniel March 23, 2011 at 1:14 PM

Hi Ben,

This is just a little thing, but I really don’t like the background in your videos. It looks like a student bedsit. Could you get a plant in there? And no, I’m not being funny or sarcastic it just looks bad.




Benjamin Langley April 3, 2011 at 5:04 PM

Hi Daniel,

I agree… the background in these videos was a bit hideous.

The newer ones have a better background (still no plant, though)… you can check them out on my youtube channel:

I do notice, though, that if you really focus in on what truly interests you, then everything else fades into the distance… 😉

keep smiling,

Benjamin Langley´s last blog post ..Meditation Techniques- Fast Relaxation


megan reese March 27, 2011 at 2:17 AM

Thank you so much — I discovered you on Youtube and have found some peace with your instruction/suggestions. Thank you for helping me.


Benjamin Langley April 3, 2011 at 5:01 PM

Thank you, Megan!

It is a blessing to be of service…

keep smiling,

Benjamin Langley´s last blog post ..Meditation Techniques- Fast Relaxation


van025 May 16, 2011 at 2:28 AM

Great to do with those exercises.I feel very comfortable now.THanks for your sharings.I will talk with my husband to practise with me
van025´s last blog post ..דרך כל המכשולים וההסתרות


Benjamin Langley April 7, 2012 at 2:31 PM

Thank you!

And definitely get a practice partner… that helps make it fun and keeps you consistent… we husbands have to be good for something… 😀

keep smiling,

Benjamin Langley´s last blog post ..7 Chakras Meditation Techniques


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