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by Benjamin Langley on December 6, 2010 · 13 comments

More and more meditation music and meditation mp3s use binaural beats in the background to enhance the effect of the recording.

For those interested in healing or personal growth through meditation or self hypnosis, a very common question running around the internet is

“Do Binaural Beats really work?”

The short answer is yes.

Binaural Beats (and other forms of brainwave entrainment) do work… they definitely get a result… and if you are looking for high quality binaural beats at a low price, check out

The more involved answer is ‘sort of’.

Binaural beats do get a result, but the exact nature of that result depends on a few other factors.

What exactly are Binaural Beats… and what are these ‘other factors’?

Binaural Beats are one of the more popular (possibly the most popular) forms of brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment has primarily been used by students of meditation and self hypnosis as an aid for getting into a deeper level of mind more quickly and more consistently.

(The Silva Method is one popular method of meditation that uses brainwave entrainment… and it has over 5 million students worldwide)

In this deeper state, students of meditation have a much easier time relaxing, keeping the mind peaceful, and enjoying the many other benefits of meditation.

When in this deeper state, students of self hypnosis can concentrate more deeply, and have a much easier time accepting suggestions.

Binaural Beats are very beneficial, particularly when they are used with other tools of personal growth.  Some claims about binaural beats take things a little too far… one of the most notorious is that you can use binaural beats to become a Zen Master at the touch of a button.

Let’s take a closer look at Binaural Beats (and we’ll also touch on some useful additions to get the best results)…

Getting Amazing Results with Binaural Beats

(please forgive me… you can hear a little bit of the cold in my voice in this video)

Binaural Beats are definitely a great development in meditation for beginners.  You can learn faster and easier with the assistance of Binaural Beats MP3s.  They are a valuable aid in any field that requires you to learn to shift your state of consciousness… stress reduction, Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, guided visualization, etc.

Just to state it clearly:

Binaural Beats will never make you great at any of these disciplines!

Binaural Beats will never make you a Zen Master!

If you are willing to put a little more into your practice, though… if you are willing to use Binaural Beats as one tool in a larger process of consistent practice toward personal development… they will help you to achieve truly amazing results.

Here’s to your amazing results…

keep smiling,


P.S. I do have an affiliate relationship with… but I also really enjoy and believe in their products.  I use them myself.  If you don’t want me to receive a commission based off your purchase, you don’t have to use my affiliate link

P.P.S.  Tamo and I are working on our Binaural Beats product, now.  It should be ready soon.  I’ll let you know!… for the time being, though, if you’ve been looking around for free binaural beats downloads, then look no further:

Binaural Beats – Alpha 10 Stream

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To get the effect, you will have to put on stereo headphones.  Once you have them on, just relax, hit play, breathe deeply, and let the recording work its magic!

One more P.S. I added this in response to Joel’s comment below.  You can check out some powerful research on Binaural Beats at

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Corinne Edwards December 6, 2010 at 2:00 PM

I think I have tried this, Benjamin. I wonder if it is the same thing.

You got two different messages in each ear. It was a very interesting experience.

It was quite a while ago.

Is that what you are referring to here?
Corinne Edwards´s last blog post ..INTERVIEWING – GRABBING ATTENTION FAST


Benjamin Langley December 7, 2010 at 12:13 PM

Hi Corinne,

What you are describing sounds like HPP (Hypno Peripheral Processing) or a double induction.

HPP is an audio technology where two different stories (metaphors) are told through stereo headphones… a different story going to each ear. The technology is designed so that the two seperate stories interact to give you suggestions that require the use of both hemispheres of your brain to comprehend and accept.

In my opinion, HPP is a really cool technology. The only less than positive thing I have to say about them is that I have tried them and I have not received any clear results.

A double induction is a tool used by hypnotists. Two hypnotists can work together by sitting on either side of a subject and each doing a hypnotic induction (or telling a hypnotic story) into one of the subject’s ears. The subject can’t consciously listen to both inductions, so one of them is always bypassing the conscious mind, and therefore the critical factor (the critical factor is the part of your mind that resists suggestions. If you have ever found yourself saying “This sounds like a bunch of B.S.”… that was your critical factor… ;-) …it is very useful in daily life but you have to get past it for hypnosis to work). These can be recorded for stereo playback as well.

Binaural beats are only a different frequency played in each ear, typically played behind music or sounds of nature (they are usually not consciously detectable), to put you into an altered state of mind (usually a more relaxed state, a meditative state, a more suggestible state, or a peak performance state). Binaural beats are sometimes used with hypnotic stories, visualizations, or a series of suggestions… and sometimes they are used just by themselves.

And thank you for your comment… upon re-reading this post I realize that it probably needs a better explanation.

keep smiling,



David Rogers December 7, 2010 at 1:38 PM

I must admit I’ve never heard of binaural beats before, although I’m aware of the Silva method. Good luck developing your own product, as I clicked away from as soon as I got into their store – too much woo-woo for me!
David Rogers´s last blog post ..People are Awesome


Benjamin Langley December 7, 2010 at 2:18 PM

Thanks, David.

Yes, I would like to take the ‘woo-woo’ out of binaural beats… there is actually solid science behind them (Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is a noted researcher in the field, and has some inexpensive products of his own on Amazon).

I can’t speak for binaural beats leading to ‘astral projection’, or ‘lucid dreaming’… I can state from research and my own experience, they are of great benefit for relaxation, going deeper into meditation or hypnotic states (particularly for beginners), and they help with going to sleep as well (for insomniacs or folks with odd schedules).

I definitely encourage people to explore ‘woo-woo’ to their heart’s content, but anything of value in this world tends to require strong intent and consistent work… I think that is true whether you are building a business, learning to meditate, transcending a chakra, or learning lucid dreaming.

Binaural beats can help you get faster results, but the implication that they can allow you to do any of this at the touch of a button with no effort on your part does nothing but discredit a valid technology and mislead customers.

keep smiling,


P.S. Incidentally, the Silva Method uses ‘isochronic tones’ for brainwave entrainment… as opposed to binaural beats… I’ll have to cover isochronic tones elsewhere :D


Joel December 7, 2010 at 3:05 PM

I’ve never heard of this before, it’s a weird and wonderful world! I’d be interested to see some case studies on real-life results with this.
Joel´s last blog post ..Keeping Your Blog Ethical


Benjamin Langley December 7, 2010 at 3:42 PM

Thank you, Joel.

I might be able to do one better than that. A while back, my good friend and partner, Tamo Willsat, created a 5 minute demo.

If I can find it, I’ll post it, and anyone who is interested can try it out!

Of course, if you just want to see the research, check out

keep smiling,



Joel December 7, 2010 at 3:54 PM

That would be great, thanks!
Joel´s last blog post ..Keeping Your Blog Ethical


Debbie @ Happy Maker December 8, 2010 at 8:22 AM

This is a new one to me. Really does sound interesting. Looks like you are at the front door in teaching people about this. Look forward to listening to your demo and learning more. Thanks Benjamin on the great information when it comes to learning new ways for meditation.


Benjamin Langley December 9, 2010 at 12:42 PM

Thank you, Debbie.

If you haven’t tried it before, you’re in for a treat… it’s surprising how gently brainwave entrainment/binaural beats can ease you into a relaxed, meditative space of mind.

I’ll have the demo up sometime this weekend.

keep smiling,



Blog Income for Women December 9, 2010 at 9:58 PM


I also use a binaural beat program in the morning!

Wow – great minds think alike!!! I love this kind of stuff.

I’m putting this on my FB page!



Sherri--Being the Change I Wish to See January 13, 2011 at 12:29 PM


I’ve heard of this before, a couple of years ago. I probably still have some mp3s on one of my old hard drives. I never got into it.

I have a question, does listening to classical or instrumental music while studying work somewhat similarly to using binaural beats to relax and concentrate better on the subject? My favorite is Peer Gynt by Grieg. It’s got a moderate tempo and is pastoral with few sudden changes.

I used to study much more effectively and remember a lot more if I listened to classical music while studying. I thought it just quieted anxious distracting thoughts and drowned out outside noise. Does it have more effects than that? Is it even related?

Sherri–Being the Change I Wish to See´s last blog post ..Ugandan kill-the-gays bill part 16- Rachel Maddow interviews David Bahati


Kendrick Apland April 13, 2011 at 8:02 PM

Exceptional post on binaural beats. I’ve had extraordinarily amazing experiences while listening to distinctive kinds of binaurals. I’ve found I am tremendously affected by binaurals that assist in concentrating and retaining knowledge. All the same, you should be mindful of on most of these commerical sites. They establish some outrageous statements. Binaural beats are not magic. They perform well, but you you need to listen every night to really notice any result.


Adam @ Binaural Beats August 6, 2012 at 3:14 PM

I really like what you said, “Binaural Beats will never make you great at any of these disciplines!’ This is very true that most people don’t realize. Yes they help you and make the process easier, but they are only tools. Most people try out binaural beats expecting magic to happen over night when this is not the case. Binaural beats will guide you in the right direction but a guide is all they are, they are not magical. Great post thanks for the info.
Adam @ Binaural Beats´s last blog post ..Lucid Dreaming Story – Guided by An Outside Force


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