6 Tips to Achieve Deep Happiness!

by Benjamin Langley on September 8, 2008 · 0 comments

We all want happiness.  We all long to love and be loved… so why isn’t it more common?

Why aren’t we all incredibly happy, and deeply in love with ourselves and others?

We aren’t taught how to be happy.  It does happen accidentally here and there.  Some of us are very lucky to have been raised by joyful parents, or to have stumbled across happiness along the way.  Most of the time, though, we have to make a conscious effort on a daily basis to bring more happiness into our lives.

These 6 tips will give you a powerful start on the road to deep happiness!

  1. You are enough:  You don’t need years of self-help or therapy.  You are enough.  You are amazing just the way you are.  Relax into you.  Accept you.  Love you!  (there is nothing wrong with self-improvement/self-development… but you have to approach it from a place of loving and accepting yourself, or it will make little or no change in your life!)  Several times a day, say “I am enough!”  “I truly accept and appreciate myself!”  The more deeply you accept, love, and appreciate yourself, the more you will feel truly wonderful… and people around you will begin to feel wonderful as well!
  2. Take responsibility:  Recognize that you are responsible for your own results.  Good days and bad days are both directed by you.  This is not to say that you have complete control over everything in your life.  But you are the primary influence.  You are the largest factor in determining your outcomes.  If you don’t yet see yourself this way, then you have probably given power away to someone else… it’s time to take it back.  Keep in mind, I’m not talking about physical control, I’m talking about who you perceive as being “in charge” of your life.  Make it you.  The more you recognize that you ‘call the shots’ in your own life, the more you can direct your life towards happiness!
  3. Improve your environment:  How much does your house/apartment support you and make you feel good?  What could you change to make it better?  How much do your friends and family support your goals?  If you could surround yourself with any kind of people (and you can), what kind of people would you choose?  Is your job really getting you where you want to go?  You are the most important influence in your life, and as such, it is imperative that you take control of the other influences in your life and make certain they are leading you where you want to go.  The more you improve your environment, the more you improve/enhance your outcomes!
  4. Find your purpose/Work on your purpose:  There are numerous ways to discover your ‘purpose’ in life… whole books have been written on it.  Going in depth on this, is beyond the scope of this post.  The easy way to start, though, is to use prayer and/or meditation, along with self study.  What do you really enjoy doing that benefits other people?  What have you really loved ever since you were a kid?  What are you really good at doing?  Once you discover your ‘purpose’ or ‘mission’ in life, it is important to spend daily time on it.  If it’s not already the way you make your living or spend most of your time, then spend at least a little time everyday working toward it.  The more you feel the importance of your presence on Planet Earth, experiencing the human condition, the more you will enjoy the entire process!
  5. Meditation/Prayer:  Take some time everyday to get back in touch.  If you are religious, this could be reading religious text or praying.  I personally meditate daily (although I occasionally miss practice as well… this isn’t about perfection, it’s about direction), and it has allowed me to experience much deeper and broader happiness and satisfaction in life.  Prayer or meditation is also an excellent time to affirm “I am enough!” or  “I truly accept and appreciate myself!”  When you allow yourself to reconnect with something deeper, it brings an incredible sense of peace and fulfillment to your life!
  6. Make some ‘you time’ daily:  Everyday, take a little bit of time for yourself.  Get away from interruptions, and other people if necessary.  Make certain it is at least 15 minutes… but it can be much longer if you like.  Do something you love to do, and with a smile, mentally affirm “this is my time!”  Treat your time as precious.  Insist on it.  You don’t have to tell others what you are doing, just as long as you acknowledge it to yourself.   If you like, you can count your meditation or prayer as ‘you time’ but I encourage you to do both.  If you don’t take time to appreciate and enjoy yourself, then you are unconsciously telling others that you are not to appreciated.  If you have children, they will tend to pick up these habits as well.  On the other hand, the more you appreciate yourself, the more you will feel great and share those great feelings with others.  When you make time for yourself daily, you not only take control, you also give yourself a chance to immediately experience happiness and enjoyment!

I’ve given you a great start on the road to happiness, yet I can already hear people saying “but I don’t have enough time…”

If you don’t make time for you, nobody else will either.  People tend to treat you like you treat yourself.  How important are you?  Are you worth making some time for?  I know the answer, but my answers are of secondary importance in your life… you have to find your own answers, and you can only do this when you begin to seriously

Make time for yourself!

The more you practice joy and happiness, the more you will naturally radiate it as a deep part of who you are!

keep smiling,


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