Simple Secrets of Metta Meditation…

How to Experince True Loving Kindness 15 Minutes or Less!


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If you would like to use the Circle of Love image as a reminder to practice and to see through the eyes of Trust, Kindness, and Gratitude, then please download the free image below:

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Words From Fellow Explorers…

Your Techniques Are Amazing!

“Your techniques are amazing!  Doing this several times through the day really helps to release my negative thoughts-emotions-sensations in my body and mind.  Your techniques are so simple that everyone can do this in a short time.  When we are relaxed, things go better in our lives…” -Liana, Netherlands

Thanks for the Videos!

“…you have been an inspiration and an influence for a few years now. Thanks for the videos…” -Donnie Stabler, Toronto

You Are The Caring Spark That Has Changed My Life Forever!

“Finding your blog more then a year ago, helped me get out of the worst depression I have ever experienced in my life.  Your techniques on meditation, breathing, managing stress and changing life habits have changed my life in such a profound way…

 You gave me the foundation & inspiration I needed to find everything. My health, happiness, peace, spirituality, and most importantly myself.

All of the good things I learn from you, tie directly into any good information that I learn from any other source. It all seems to be some how be inter related. Good knowledge compounds with more good knowledge continually growing into something absolutely spectacular. And somehow it all seems to be from the same source…

Even the little things have become important pieces to my healthy life. Like remembering to breath from the lower belly and not the upper. Thats become an important part of my drawing technique. I’m an artist. And one of the first amazing things I learned from reading your blogs about tension and listening to your body and mind helped me realize that when I was drawing, I was putting tremendous stress and worry on myself. I couldn’t believe how much in fact. But recognizing it allowed me to let a lot of it go. It changed me immediately. I gained a connection that I hadn’t felt before with my abilty to draw. It was fun again. It was easier. And I was able to do more. And even though everything wasn’t like flipping a light switch and being better… You set me on the path to recovery and then something even much greater.

Thank you Ben. You are a true friend. You are the caring spark that has changed my life forever.” -Jay Rachal

Keep Up the Good Work!

“I have been following your blog for some time.  I especially loved the 30 day series.  Keep up the good work.” -Sarah